Iron powder pure 99.5% 200 µm metal powder Fe Element 26 5gr-5kg
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Iron powder pure 99.5% 200 µm metal powder Fe Element 26 5gr-5kg

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  • Type FS 0000/0200 / AI.
  • Areas of application: Production of sintered components, powder injection molding, electrical engineering, automotive industry, paint production, chemical industry (as a reducing agent), magnetic particle testing.
  • Iron content at least 99.5%; Bulk density 3.28 g / cm³.
  • Grain size 0 - 200 µm; Irregular grain shape.

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The iron powder offered is a finely divided and highly pure metal powder. It consists of irregular microparticles and has a grain size of 0-200 µm. Our iron powder is characterized by a good bulk density of 3.28 g / cm³ and a high iron content (min. 99.5%). The product has the following chemical composition: sulfur (S) - 0.014%, carbon (С) - max. 0.01% and oxygen (O) - max. 0.2%.

Do you want to buy iron powder? You have come to the right place at Evek GmbH. As a competent supplier, we deliver quickly and easily.

The iron powder has a very wide range of uses. For example, it is used in powder metallurgy for the production of sintered components and powder injection molding. Iron powder is also used in electrical engineering, the automotive industry, paint production, the chemical industry (as a reducing agent) and magnetic particle testing.

The product has the following features:

  • finely divided (grain size 0 - 200 µm);
  • high purity (iron content - min. 99.5%);
  • has irregular microparticles;
  • low levels of impurities;
  • high bulk density (3.28 g / cm³).

The most important areas of application for iron powder are:

  • Manufacture of sintered components;
  • Powder injection molding;
  • Electrical engineering;
  • Automotive industry;
  • Paint production;
  • chemical industry (as a reducing agent);
  • Magnetic particle inspection.

In our online shop, iron powder is offered at a good price. Other types of metal powders are also available.

Chemical composition (in%)

at least 95.50.0140.010.2
Evek GmbH
Metalle Seltene, Eisen, Iron, Element 26, Fe
Atomic number
Fe - min. 99.5 %; S - 0.014 %; С - max. 0.01 %; O - max. 0.2 %
operation area
Fertigung von Sinterbauteilen, Pulverspritzgießen, Elektrotechnik, Automobilindustrie, Farbenproduktion, chemische Industrie (als Reduktionsmittel), Magnetpulverprüfung
Bulk density
3.28 g/cm³
Grain size
0 - 200 µm
grain shape
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By bike-car B. on  (Iron powder pure 99.5% 200 µm metal powder Fe Element 26 5gr-5kg) :

Fast delivery, great goods, gl...

Fast delivery, great goods, gladly again

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By cauf C. on  (Iron powder pure 99.5% 200 µm metal powder Fe Element 26 5gr-5kg) :

Everything was great, gladly a...

Everything was great, gladly again.

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By theduke2512 T. on  (Iron powder pure 99.5% 200 µm metal powder Fe Element 26 5gr-5kg) :

Everything's fine. Thank you!...

Everything's fine. Thank you!

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