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Bronze bar 2.1090 (CuSn7ZnPb) round bar profile round steel up to 2...
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Wnr. 2.1090; Alloy CuSn7ZnPb; US C93200; Areas of application: plain bearings for machine and tool construction; normal and highly stressed bearing bushes; medium-duty sliding plates and strips; Transmission, rocker arm, stuffing and connecting rod bushes; friction rings and discs; ship shaft covers; Properties: medium hardness and good machinability; good corrosion resistance also in sea water; resistant to non-oxidizing acids and neutral salt solutions; poor weldability; easy to soft solder; medium brazeable and mechanically polishable; density 8.8 g/cm³; melting point 1035 °С; thermal conductivity 64 W/m K; electr. conductivity 7.5 MS/m.
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Bronze Powder Cu90Al7.5Fe1.5Ni0.5 Gold Metal Powder Pigment Tin...
Stainless Steel Powder 316L Metallic pigment stabilized in flaky form Stainless steel powder 316L metal powder 1.4404 VA Flaky anti-corrosion 5gr-5kg bronze powder Cu90Al7.5Fe1.5Ni0.5 gold metal powder pigment tin bronze 5gr-5kg
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