Praseodymium metal 99.9% pure metal metal element Pr Element 59 praseodymium
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Praseodymium metal 99.9% pure metal metal element Pr Element 59 praseodymium

Praseodymium metal 99.9% pure metal metal element Pr Element 59 praseodymium

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Praseodymium is a rarely occurring metal from the group of lanthanides. This metal is soft and paramagnetic. It can exist in two modifications: α-praseodymium, and at 798 ° C - β-praseodymium. In air it forms green oxide hydrates. Praseodymium reacts with water with the formation of hydrogen to form praseodymium hydroxide. In addition to oxides, the metal also forms other compounds such as halides and binary compounds. Natural praseodymium has only one stable isotope ¹⁴¹Pr.

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Praseodymium is rarely used. It is used in magnesium alloys in aircraft construction (production of aircraft engines). Strong permanent magnets are made from cobalt-praseodymium-iron alloys. Praseodymium is also used to color glass and enamel. Since green protective glasses absorb the UV light, they are used for welding.

Praseodymium is used:

  • in aircraft construction (aircraft engines);
  • for the production of strong permanent magnets;
  • for coloring glass and enamel;
  • for protective glasses when welding.

Praseodymium is characterized by:

  • Paramagnetism;
  • can exist in two modifications;
  • can form various connections;
  • is somewhat resistant to corrosion.

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Evek GmbH
Atomic number
operation area
Aircraft construction (aircraft engines); Manufacture of strong permanent magnets; Coloring of glass and enamel; Protective glasses when welding
6.475 g / cm³
Melting point
935 ° C
Thermal conductivity
12.5 W / (m K)
Electrical conductivity
1.486 · 10⁶ S / m

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