Dysprosium Dy pure 99.9% rare earth 66 metal
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Dysprosium Dy pure 99.9% Rare earths 66 Metal

Dysprosium Dy pure 99.9% rare earth 66 metal

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Dysprosium is a very rare element and one of the rare earth metals. The metal can be bent and stretched. It also shows very good responsiveness. Dysprosium is slowly oxidized in air at a temperature of 20 ° C. It reacts with water to form hydroxide. Besides holmium, dysprosium has the highest magnetic moment among all naturally occurring chemical elements. There are two modifications of dysprosium: α-dysprosium, and at 1384 ° C - β-dysprosium.

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Economic and technical use of dysprosium is relatively low. The metal is used as an alloying element in various alloys (e.g. in zinc alloys and as an alloy additive to zirconium). Its alloy with lead is used as a shielding material in nuclear reactors. It is also used in special magnets. These are mainly used in generators in wind power plants. This makes the metal a valuable raw material.

The following uses of dysprosium are notable:

  • various alloys (zinc alloys, alloy addition to zirconium, lead alloys);
  • in permanent magnets;
  • for the production of laser materials;
  • in nuclear engineering (manufacture of control rods);
  • in catalysts.

Dysprosium is characterized by the following properties:

  • good flexibility and elasticity;
  • very good responsiveness;
  • the highest magnetic moment of all elements (besides holmium);
  • reacts with water;
  • soluble to form salts in dilute acids.

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Evek GmbH
Atomic number
operation area
various alloys (zinc alloys, alloy addition to zirconium, lead alloys); Permanent magnets; Manufacture of laser materials; Nuclear technology (manufacture of control rods); Catalysts
8.559 g / cm³
Melting point
1407 ° C
Thermal conductivity
10.7 W / (m K)
Electrical conductivity
1.08 · 10⁶ S / m
By danni228c15t D. on  (Dysprosium Dy pure 99.9% Rare earths 66 Metal) :

Everything went great, item as...

Everything went great, item as described and delivered quickly. Great!

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By rainer-ma R. on  (Dysprosium Dy pure 99.9% Rare earths 66 Metal) :

Good quality, fast delivery...

Good quality, fast delivery

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By sparerin S. on  (Dysprosium Dy pure 99.9% Rare earths 66 Metal) :

Good goods, fair price. THANKS...

Good goods, fair price. THANKS!

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