Vanadium Wire 99.5% 1-5mm Metal Element 23 pure metal
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Vanadium wire 99.5% 1-5mm metal element 23 pure metal

  • Diameter from 1mm to 5mm. Length from 1 meter up to 500 meters.
  • Areas of application:
  • If your desired length/width is not listed, select the next larger length/width. Leave a comment on your order with the length/width you want. We cut according to your measurements.
  • Dimensional tolerances: +/-2mm.
  • Didn't find the sizes you wanted? Just contact us! We are happy to help you with your request.

£1,766.42 Tax included

£1,766.42 Tax excluded

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  • 100% no China imports (pay attention to high price differences)
  • Our products are mostly made in Germany
  • High quality at best prices.
  • TOP rating & service

The delivered wire length may have a tolerance of +/-2% of the quantity ordered

Technical specifications:

Manufacturing Country And Region:Germany
Manufacturer number:Not applicable
Operation area:metal element 23
Norm classifications:
Name, symbol, atomic number:Vanadium, V, 23
Further information:
melting point:2183K (1910°C)
Density:6.11 g/cm3 (20 °C)
thermal conductivity:31 (W/m)/K
Boiling point:3680K(3407°C)


The following areas of application can be found: steels containing vanadium are used as shafts, crankshafts and other critical components as carbide formers in steel production, vanadium foils as a buffer layer when plating titanium on steel, vanadium compounds serve as catalysts in production, vanadium compounds are used in the production of batteries, including accumulators with external storage, uses vanadium alloys could also be used in fusion power plants in the future.

Areas of application:

  • railing construction
  • food industry
  • beverage industry
  • Chemistry


Data sheet (German)
Evek GmbH
Vanadium Draht Metall Element 23
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By matthiafische27 M. on  (Vanadium wire 99.5% 1-5mm metal element 23 pure metal) :

so fast delivery.thank you...

so fast delivery.thank you

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By tls.nbg T. on  (Vanadium wire 99.5% 1-5mm metal element 23 pure metal) :

reputable seller, I can only r...

reputable seller, I can only recommend

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By funmouse1 F. on  (Vanadium wire 99.5% 1-5mm metal element 23 pure metal) :

Stainless steel spring wire in...

Stainless steel spring wire in the best quality, gladly again!

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