Silver-plated copper wire Ø0.1-1mm Silver wire with copper core jewelry 2-750 meters
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Silver-plated copper wire Ø0.1-1mm Silver wire with copper core jewelry 2-750 meters

  • Applications: filigree handicrafts; Electronics; Jewelry making; Decoration.
  • Elongation at break 0.1mm - 19.3% -20.9%; 0.2mm - 21.8% -22.3%; 0.3mm - 22% -22.8%; 0.4mm - 22.3% -22.8%; 0.5mm - 22.2% -22.9%; 0.6mm - 22.1% -22.9%; 0.7mm - 22.5% -23.0%; 0.8mm - 22.3% -23.1%; 1.0mm - 22.5% -23.1%.
  • Purity of the silver at least 99%; Silver layer approx. 0.5 μm.
  • Surface smooth.

£3.74 Tax included

£3.74 Tax excluded

When the wire length is supplied, the tolerance can be +/- 2% of the ordered quantity

Notice! In the case of small quantities, the wire is delivered manually wound in a ring (coil). If you would like the wire on a spool, please contact us - we will send the wire on the spool for an additional charge. In the photo you can see spools with 2-3 kg of wire.

Do you need other steel quality or dimensions? Please write to us. Our sales team makes an offer from stock program or delivery program :)

  • Production time - none. Already in stock.
  • Shipping preparation - 2-3 working days.
  • Delivery time - depending on the parcel service. Look at the faq please.

Copper wire itself is a very good conductive material. In order to give it further properties, it is additionally coated with lacquer and other metals, e.g. with a thin layer of silver. Silver-plated copper wire consists of pure copper, coated with high-purity silver (min. 99%). The thickness of the silver layer of the wire offered is approx. 0.5 μm. Depending on the wire thickness, the elongation at break is from 19.3% -20.9% to 22.5% -23.1%. Silver wire with a copper core has a smooth surface. The silver sheathing makes the wire optically chic, making it a real eye-catcher. Thanks to the copper core, the wire has very good corrosion resistance as well as good processing and malleability.

You can buy silver wire with a copper core from Evek GmbH, a reliable supplier of high-quality semi-finished metal products. If you have any questions, just contact us.

Because of its attractive appearance and good processing properties, silver-plated copper wire is very versatile. This has the following possible uses:

  • filigree handicrafts;
  • Electronics;
  • Jewelry making;
  • Decoration.

Silver wire with a copper core impresses with the following features:

  • good flexibility and malleability;
  • good flexibility;
  • attractive and chic look;
  • excellent corrosion resistance and high conductivity.

In the Evek GmbH online shop, silver-plated copper wire is offered at a good price. We also have a good selection of other metal semi-finished products with international shipping.

Evek GmbH
Kupfer Silber Draht
Silver-plated copper
min. 99%
operation area
filigree handicrafts, electronics, jewelry making, decoration
Elongation at break
0.1mm - 19.3%-20.9%; 0.2mm - 21.8%-22.3%; 0.3mm - 22%-22.8%; 0.4mm - 22.3%-22.8%; 0.5mm - 22.2%-22.9%; 0.6mm - 22.1%-22.9%; 0.7mm - 22.5%-23.0%; 0.8mm - 22.3%-23.1%; 1.0mm - 22.5%-23.1%
silver layer
ca. 0.5 μm

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