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We have developed a flexible discount system especially for our customers. After registration you will receive a 5% voucher code for your first order. For every further order you will receive a 3% voucher code. Please see the table below:


Discount form


Terms of Use

Unique 5% New registration 1 year
Loyalty discount 3% for each additional order 1 year

How can I get a 5% discount?

Go to the login page and create an account by filling in the fields as shown in the picture. Please enter a valid email address from you in order to receive discounts and other special offers.

After registration you will receive an email:

In this email you will find a 5% voucher code for new registrations.

How can I redeem my voucher code?

Redeem your voucher code during the ordering process. Enter your voucher code manually or click on it to enter it automatically.

How do I know that my voucher code has been redeemed?

After you have redeemed your voucher code by clicking on "Add", the order page looks like the picture below.

Can I redeem multiple voucher codes for one product?

No, only one voucher code is valid for an order. Also, the voucher code does not apply to promotional goods.

We will be happy to answer any further questions you may have. Nice shopping experience!