Titanium Grade 5 mesh 5-200 mesh wire mesh 3.7165 R56400 Filter Filtration
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Titanium Grade 5 Fabric 5-200 Mesh Wire Cloth Grid 3.7165 R56400 Filter Filtration

  • Applications: turbine jet engines; aircraft components; aerospace fasteners; offshore applications.
  • Properties: good weldability and hot workability; excellent corrosion resistance; high strength and good toughness; high resistance to crack initiation and propagation;
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Length tolerance +/-3mm

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  • Production time - 6-7 weeks.
  • Shipping preparation - 2-3 working days.
  • Delivery time - depending on the parcel service. Look at the faq please.

Like most titanium alloys, Grade 5 exhibits exceptional corrosion resistance in most natural and many industrial process environments. The hardenability of this alloy makes it a good choice for applications such as springs and fasteners.

Titanium Grade 5 is an alloy of titanium and aluminum. It has high strength, is corrosion resistant, and is very lightweight. These properties make it an ideal material for applications where strength and durability are critical.

In the aerospace industry, titanium grade 5 is widely used for parts such as engine components, landing gears and aircraft parts. In medicine, it is used for implants and instruments because it is biocompatible and well tolerated by the body. In the chemical industry, it is used for pipes and vessels that must withstand corrosive chemicals.

Titanium Grade 5 is often produced by welding, forging or casting. However, processing this material requires special knowledge and equipment, as it is difficult to work with due to its hardness and strength.

In the Evek GmbH online store titanium grade 5 is available for you to buy at a reasonable price. As a competent supplier for titanium alloys, we offer uncomplicated shipping worldwide.

Titanium sheet 3.7165 enjoys a great demand in the following fields:

  • Turbine jet engines;
  • Aircraft components;
  • Fasteners for aerospace applications;
  • offshore applications.

Titanium Grade 5 is characterized by the following features:

  • good weldability and hot working properties;
  • excellent corrosion resistance;
  • high strength and good toughness;
  • high resistance to crack initiation and propagation.

Buy 3.7165 at a good price. Our products are characterized by high quality and meet the most important standards.

Evek GmbH
Titan, Mesh, 3.7165
Material number
Titanium grade 5
4.43 g / cm³
Melting point
1650 ° C
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