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Aluminum round bar. Everything you need to know about it.

Aluminum round bar. Everything you need to know about it.


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Aluminum rod is a round long product made of pure aluminum or an aluminum alloy. Aluminum round rod has a diameter of 6 to 400 mm and is 1.5 to 6 m long. The solidification of the material is achieved through cold deformation.

We offer aluminum rod with the material number 3.3206 (AlMgSi0.5). 3.3206 is a hardenable aluminum-magnesium-silicon alloy. The material consists largely of aluminum (main element). The mass fraction of silicon is 0.30-0.6%. The magnesium content is 0.35-0.6%. The quality is ideally suited for heat-conducting tasks. This material has five aluminum states that influence the material properties:

  • T4. Solution annealed and artificially aged.
  • T5. Quenched from the hot forming temperature and artificially aged.
  • T6. Solution annealed and artificially aged.
  • T64. Solution annealed and not fully artificially aged to improve formability (between T6 and T61).
  • T66. Solution annealed and artificially aged. This condition provides better mechanical properties than T6 through special control of the process.

Properties of aluminum round bar

  • good cold formability and machinable in the hardened state;
  • can be welded with all common methods (excluding resistance welding);
  • very suitable for decorative coating or anodizing;
  • good corrosion resistance, also in sea water and in the weather;
  • easily soft and hard solderable;
  • is considered the standard alloy for extruded profiles.

Main areas of application for aluminum rods

  • Window and door construction;
  • Fences and railings;
  • Furniture;
  • Flagpoles;
  • decorative purposes;
  • Heat exchangers and heat sinks;
  • Sidewalls and floors for trucks and trailers.

In addition to aluminum round bar our product range also includes aluminum sheets , aluminum tubes , aluminum strips and aluminum perforated sheets in different sizes.

2.7 g / cm³
Melting point
658 ° C
Electrical conductivity
34 - 38 m / Ω • mm²
Thermal conductivity
200 - 220 W / m K
Electrical resistance
0.032 Ω mm² / m
Modulus of elasticity
70 GPa
tensile strenght
min 210 N / mm²
Yield point
60 to 160 MPa

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