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Flat bar

Nickel sheet strip flat bar 20x0.5mm-90x6mm cut strips
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Wnr. 2.4060; US N02200; nickel 200;

Fields of application: Food industry (handling of fatty acids and fruit juices); chemical industry (production of chlorine and hydrogen chloride, storage and transport of phenol); electronic components; Manufacture of synthetic fibers; aviation industry; battery connectors; lead wires for heating elements;

Properties: good mechanical, electrical, thermal and magnetostrictive properties; good resistance to a variety of corrosive media; insensitivity to alkalis and organic acids; good weldability and solderability;

density 8.9 g/cm³; melting point 1440 °C;

electrical resistance 0.085 Ω mm²/m; Thermal conductivity 69 W/(m K).

These flat bars are cut from sheet metal.
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Nickel sheet strip flat bar 20x0.5mm-90x6mm cut strips

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Nickel sheet strip flat bar 20x0.5mm-90x6mm cut strips

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