Titan electrodes Ø0.8-5mm Grade 2 welding electrodes Titan 3.7035 welding rods
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Titan electrodes Ø0.8-5mm Grade 2 welding electrodes Titan 3.7035 welding rods

Welding electrodes Ø 0.8-5mm welding rod titanium 3.7035 grade 2 welding rods

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Technical specifications:

EN: Titan Grade 2
Brand: Evek
Country and Region of Production: Germany
Manufacturer number: Not applicable
Type: Welding electrodes; Welding rod
Standard classifications:
Material number: 3.7035
US: R50400
ASTM: Ti grade 2


Commercial pure titanium types are characterized by an excellent ratio of strength to density and good corrosion resistance. They are therefore suitable for the manufacture of components in weight-saving constructions with reduced inertia forces as well as for components that require high corrosion resistance. In addition, the thermal stresses in titanium structures are lower than in other metallic materials due to the low thermal expansion of titanium. Due to their excellent biocompatibility, the materials are also widely used in the medical field.

Further information:

  • Yield Strenght - 350-450 MPa
  • Yield strength - 485 MPa
  • Elongation in 50 mm, A5 - 28%
  • Area reduction - 55%
  • Härd - 160-200 HV
  • Young's modulus - 103 GPa
  • Charpy V-Still Impact Resistance - 40-82 J


Datasheet (German)

d - outer diameter

Evek GmbH
Titan, Schweißelektroden, 3.7035, Grade 2
Welding electrodes
operation area
Verbindungsschweißen an reinem Titan und Titanlegierungen mit ähnlicher Zusammensetzung
Material number
A 5.16: ER Ti 2
tensile strenght
500 MPa
Stretch limit
295 MPa
Elongation at break
42 %
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