Neodymium Nd 99.9% pure metal element 60 nugget bars 10kg neodymium
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Neodymium Nd 99.9% pure metal element 60 nugget bars 10kg neodymium

Neodymium Nd 99.9% pure metal element 60 nugget bars 10kg neodymium

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Technical specifications:

Brand: Evek
Country and Region of Production: Germany
Manufacturer number: Not applicable
Type: Pieces
Material: Neodymium
Operation area: Metal element 60
Standard classifications:
Name, symbol, ordinal number: Neodymium, Nd, 60
Assay: 99.9%
Further information:
Melting point: 1024 ° C
Density: 7.01 g / cm3
Boiling point: 3074 ° C


Neodimium is a shiny silver-yellow metal. It is very reactive and rotates quickly in air. The coated shape does not protect the metal from further oxidation. It must therefore be stored away from contact with air. It reacts slowly with cold water and quickly with hot water.

Areas of application:

  • Neodymium is one of the rare chemicals found in homes in appliances such as color televisions, fluorescent lights, energy-saving lamps, and glasses. All rare chemicals have comparable properties. Nedym is one of the various metals in alloys that are commonly used in lighter flint stones. The main alloys are neodymium, iron and boron (NIB), which prove to be excellent permanent magnets. These magnets are part of modern vehicle components that are used in computer data storage and speakers. Neodymium is used in colored glasses (didymium glass), which can adsorb the yellow sodium glare from the flame. This type of glass is used to protect the eyes of welders. It is also used to add attractive purple tones to glass.


Datasheet (German)
Evek GmbH
Metalle Seltene, Neodymium
Atomic number
operation area
Aluminium-Magnesium-Legierungen; Legierung von Qualitätsstählen und Titan; Herstellung der Magnete (Neodym-Eisen-Bor und Neodym-Yttrium-Cobalt); als Neodym(III)-oxid für Sonnenschutzglas; als Katalysator bei Herstellung von Polybutadienkautschuk
7,003 g/cm³
Melting point
1024 °C
Thermal conductivity
17 W / (m K)
Electrical conductivity
1,56 · 10⁶ S/m

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