Ferro-dysprosium DyFe 99.9% nugget bars 2-10kg
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Ferro-dysprosium DyFe 99.9% nugget bars 2-10kg

Ferro-dysprosium DyFe 99.9% nugget bars 2-10kg

£2,044.88 Tax included

£2,044.88 Tax excluded

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Technical specifications:

Country and Region of Production:Germany
Manufacturer number:Not applicable
Operation area:Metal element 66
Standard classifications:
Name, symbol, ordinal number:Dysprosium, Ferro, DyFe, 66
Further information:
Melting point:2408 ° C
Density:7.8 g / cm3
Solubility in water:Irrelevant

Areas of application:

  • Ferro Dysprosium (DyFe) is mainly used as an additive in the manufacture of Nd-Fe-B permanent magnets and other alloys. Nd-Fe-B permanent magnets are commonly used in wind turbines, electric vehicles, etc.
  • Ferro Dysprosium (DyFe) is also used in the manufacture of magnetostrictive alloys, magnetic recording materials, and nuclear fuels, to name a few.
  • Like most rare earth metals, ferro-dysprosium or DyFe alloys are usually in the form of lumps or irregular bars and can be further processed in various shapes and sizes for evaporative materials, sputtering targets and other specialty applications. The following shape and size are available for most of these rare earth metals.


Datasheet (German)
Evek GmbH
Metalle Seltene, Dysprosium, Ferro-dysprosium
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By ostsee543 O. on  (Ferro-dysprosium DyFe 99.9% nugget bars 2-10kg) :

Everything super fast delivery...

Everything super fast delivery

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By polysantos P. on  (Ferro-dysprosium DyFe 99.9% nugget bars 2-10kg) :

1a article, fast delivery. Alw...

1a article, fast delivery. Always gladly again.

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By thomas-tg T. on  (Ferro-dysprosium DyFe 99.9% nugget bars 2-10kg) :

Absolutely great anytime again...

Absolutely great anytime again!!!!

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