Gost D16 rod 2-120mm round rod profile round steel rod 0.5-2 meters
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Gost D16 rod 2-120mm round rod profile round steel rod 0.5-2 meters

Gost D16 rod 2-120mm round rod profile round steel rod 0.5-2 meters

£2,375.74 Tax included

£2,375.74 Tax excluded

Available in thicknesses from 2 mm to 120 mm. Length tolerance +/- 2mm.

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  • Production time - 1 month.
  • Shipping preparation - 2-3 working days.
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D16 is a wrought aluminum alloy that belongs to the aluminum alloys of the AlCuMg (duralumin) group. It is composed of around 90-94% aluminum, around 3.8-4.9% copper, around 1.2-1.8% magnesium and around 0.3-0.9% manganese. The material designation d16 means:

  • D - duralumin;
  • 16 - material number.

The material is high-strength, has a high degree of hardness and can only be anodized and welded to a limited extent. It has a low density of 2.77 g / cm³ and is therefore significantly lighter than steel. The grade is not very resistant to corrosion and should also be plated.

Evek GmbH is your reliable supplier for D16. We ship internationally and offer first-class customer service. You can trust us.

The main areas of application for D16 are aerospace and automotive engineering. Various components for aircraft are made from this material. This material is also widely used in the manufacture of car bodies. In addition, it is used for parts that operate at temperatures down to -230 ° С.

D16 is characterized by:

  • high hardness and strength;
  • conditionally anodizable and weldable;
  • susceptible to corrosion;
  • light weight.

Buy D16 from Evek GmbH. High quality GOST steels are available at good prices in our online shop. We are by your side and ensure your satisfaction.

Evek GmbH
Gost, Stange, D16
Round bar
Aluminum alloy
operation area
Aviation (various parts); Body construction; Parts with an operating temperature range of up to -230 ° С
2.7 g / cm3
conditionally suitable
tensile strenght
390-410 MPa
Yield stress
275-295 MPa
Elongation at break
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