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Copper rod. Main areas of application & properties

Copper rod. Main areas of application & properties


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Copper rod is a round long product made of copper with the same cross-section over its entire length. The copper round material can be soft, semi-hard or hard and is manufactured cold or hot-formed. The cold-rolled copper round bar has a diameter between 3 and 50 mm and a length of 1-5 m. The hot-rolled copper round bar has a diameter between 20 and 180 mm and a length of 1-5 m.

Copper is a relatively soft, easily malleable and tough heavy metal. It conducts heat and electricity excellently and is therefore used in various industrial areas. Cold forming increases the tensile strength of the metal, but at the same time lowers its elongation at break and conductivity. Copper can be forged very well at temperatures of 700 to 800 ° C.

The copper round rod with the material number 2.0090 (Cu-DHP) is available from us. This grade consists of a deoxidized copper (99.9%) with a limited residual content of phosphorus (0.015 - 0.04%). It is particularly well suited for use in areas with no high requirements in terms of electrical conductivity. The material is sensitive to solutions containing cyanide, halide and ammonia, oxidizing acids, hydrogen sulfide and sea water at high flow velocities. It is insensitive to drinking and industrial water, aqueous and alkaline solutions, pure water vapor, non-oxidizing acids and neutral salt solutions.

Properties of copper round bar

  • very good weldability and hard solderability;
  • excellent formability;
  • good corrosion resistance;
  • good surface treatment (polishing, electroplating, dip tinning).

Main areas of application for copper rods

  • Pipelines in gas and water installations, heating and air conditioning technology;
  • Exterior and interior cladding (roof and wall cladding);
  • various metal goods in the household;
  • Guide and sealing rings;
  • Condensers and heat exchangers.

In addition to copper round material, we also offer other semi-finished products made of copper such as copper wire , copper strip , copper pipe and copper sheet .

8.94 g / cm³
Electrical conductivity
45 m / Ω • mm²
Melting point
1083 ° C
Thermal conductivity
305 W / m K
Electrical resistance
0.022 Ω mm² / m
Modulus of elasticity
132 GPa
tensile strenght
200 to 360 MPa
Yield point
100 to 250 MPa

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