Round pipe, steel pipe, threaded pipe, railing pipe dia 6x1mm to 65x2mm
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Round pipe, steel pipe, threaded pipe, railing pipe dia 6x1mm to 65x2mm

Round pipe, steel pipe, threaded pipe, railing pipe dia 6x1mm to 65x2mm

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Steel tube is a hollow profile with different cross-sections (round, square and oval). Its wall is made entirely of steel. Steel pipes are used not only to convey liquids, gases or solids but also as structural elements, for example in the construction industry.

From water pipes to oil pipelines to the automotive industry - such a wide range of applications for iron pipes. It is characterized by its great length and excellent flexural and torsional strength.

Would you like to buy steel pipe but you can't find a good supplier? There are many tubes to choose from in the Evek GmbH online shop. Just give us a call!

The most important areas of application for steel pipe are:

  • Pipeline construction (transport of liquids, air and gases);
  • Construction;
  • Furniture industry;
  • Automobile manufacturing;
  • Mechanical engineering;
  • Construction.

The properties of iron pipe vary depending on the material used and the manufacturing process. But the most important beneficial properties are:

  • good machinability;
  • Reusability;
  • excellent compressive strength;
  • high mechanical strength;
  • Heat resistance.

As a reliable supplier, we offer iron pipes at a fair price. We are happy to assist you and are ready to advise you. Please contact us!

Evek GmbH
Stahl, Rohr, Rundrohre, Gewinderohr
Round tube
operation area
Line construction (transport of liquids, air and gases), construction, furniture industry, automobile construction, mechanical engineering, structural engineering
Material number
7.85 kg / dm³
Melting point
1450 ° C
Thermal conductivity
25 W / (m K)
Electrical resistance
0.55 Ω mm² / m
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