Stainless steel tube 4-12mm thin-walled capillary tube V2A 1.4301 around 2.0 meters
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Stainless steel tube 4-12mm thin-walled capillary tube V2A 1.4301 around 2.0 meters

Stainless steel tube 4-12mm thin-walled capillary tube V2A 1.4301 around 2.0 meters

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Technical specifications:

Brand: Evek
Manufacturer number: Not applicable
Type: Capillary tube, tube
Material: stainless steel
Operation area: Modelling; Measuring technology; Food industry; Medical industry
Standard classifications:
Material number: 1.4301
EN: X5CrNi18-10
US: S30400
AISI 304 (V2A)
Further information:
Corrosion Resistance: Well
Weldability: Excellent
Machinability: medium
Yield strength: ≥ 200 MPa
Tensile strenght: 550-600 MPa
Temperature stress: up to 600 ° C
Density: 7.90 kg / dm³


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The stainless steel capillary tube, also called thin-walled tube, is a special type of rolled metal products. This is made from cold-rolled or hot-rolled high-alloy steel. The manufacture of capillary tubes is seamless. Excellent tightness, high robustness and a long service life are thus achieved. Its main feature is very small diameter.

As a reliable supplier, we offer thin-walled stainless steel tubes from 0.8 mm to 12 mm. In our online shop you can buy the capillary tube you need online in a matter of seconds. You can also purchase custom-made thin-walled pipes. Only the best capillary tubes at a fair price!

The capillary tube made of stainless steel is characterized by the following properties, regardless of its type:

  • extremely high corrosion resistance;
  • good chemical and environmental resistance;
  • excellent robustness (able to withstand high pressure);
  • nature friendly;
  • excellent wear resistance and long service life.

Thanks to the specified properties, the thin-walled pipe is in great demand in various areas:

  • Modelling;
  • Measuring technology;
  • Mechanical engineering;
  • in the manufacture of individual parts and accessories for special industrial equipment;
  • chemical industry;
  • in the production of equipment for the food industry and medical instruments (e.g. cannulas).

To buy stainless steel capillary tube, please contact us. You can also order the necessary pipe directly from our online shop. We are a reliable supplier and deliver throughout Europe. You can also get an individual cut from us. We are always ready to advise you and support you with words and deeds.


Datasheet (German)

d - outside diameter

s - wall thickness

Evek GmbH
Edelstahl, Rohr, 1.4301
Capillary tube
stainless steel
operation area
Model making, medical technology, chemical industry, food sector
Material number
Melting point
1420-1470 ° C
Thermal conductivity
15 W / (m K)
Electrical resistance
0.73 Ω mm² / m
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