Spring steel sheet metal strips 1.4310 flat bar 20x0.5mm-90x6mm cut strips
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Spring steel sheet metal strips 1.4310 flat bar 20x0.5mm-90x6mm cut strips

  • Wnr. 1.4310; EN X10CrNi18-8; AISI 302; US S30100; quality standard DIN EN 10151; Dimensional standard DIN EN ISO 9445;
  • Areas of application: spring production; Vehicle construction; Punched, bent and simple deep-drawn parts.
  • Area of application: production of corrosion-resistant springs and high-strength components; automotive industry; Mechanical engineering; electronic devices; chemical industry; Food industry;
  • density 7.9 g/cm³; melting point 1420 °C; tensile strength 1300-1500 N/mm²; edges cut edges; Surface 2H: work-hardened, bright;
  • electrical conductivity 1.5 MS/m; thermal conductivity 14.7 W/(m·K); electr. resistance 0.70 Ω mm²/m;
  • These flat bars are cut from sheet metal.

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Spring steel sheet metal strips 1.4310 flat bar 20x0.5mm-90x6mm cut strips

Length tolerance +/- 2mm.

  • Production time - 2-3 weeks.
  • Preparation for shipment - 2-3 working days.
  • Delivery time - depending on the parcel service. Look at the FAQ please.

The spring flat bar 1.4310 is made of austenitic chrome-nickel steel. The chromium content of spring steel 1.4310 is at least 16% and the nickel content - at least 6%. The material is characterized by good formability, weldability and corrosion resistance. It has good mechanical properties such as good polishability, cold forming and medium machinability. The magnetizability of 1.4310 changes due to cold forming.

If you want to buy spring flat bars, you've come to the right place at Evek GmbH. Our online shop offers spring flat bars 1.4310 in various sizes and lengths.

The spring steel 1.4310 is ideal for the production of corrosion-resistant springs and high-strength components and achieves the highest possible tensile strength values. In addition, the material 1.4310 is widely used in the automotive industry and in mechanical engineering. Other areas of application for X10CrNi18-8 are:

  • electronic devices;
  • Chemical industry;
  • Food industry.

The spring flat bar 1.4310 is characterized by the following features:

  • Good formability and weldability;
  • Good corrosion resistance;
  • Good polishability and cold working;
  • Medium machinability;
  • Magnetizability dependent on cold forming.

We offer X10CrNi18-8 at a good price. Evek GmbH is a competent supplier of spring steel 1.4310. We ship uncomplicated worldwide.

Do you need a different steel quality or dimensions? Please write to us. Our sales team makes an offer from stock program or delivery program :)

Evek GmbH
Federstahl Flachstange 1.4310
Flat bar
Spring steel
Material number
7.9 kg / dm³
Melting point
1420 ° C
Electrical resistance
0.70 Ω mm² / m
Electrical conductivity
1.5 MS / m
tensile strenght
1300-1500 N / mm²

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