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Manganese Lump Mn 99.9% Element 25 pure metal granulate 10kg Manganese lumps
  • Manganese Lump Mn 99.9% Element 25 pure metal granulate 10kg Manganese lumps

Manganese Lump Mn 99.9% Element 25 pure metal granulate 10kg Manganese lumps

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Manganese Lump Mn 99.9% Element 25 pure metal granulate 10kg Manganese lumps

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Technical specifications:

Brand: Evek
Country and Region of Production: Germany
Manufacturer number: Not applicable
Type: Granulate, nugget, pellets
Material: Manganese, Manganese
Operation area: Metal element 25
Standard classifications:
Name, symbol, ordinal number: Indium, In, 49
Assay: Mn 99.7%
Further information:
Melting point: 1244 ° C
Density: 7.21 g / cm3
Thermal conductivity: 7.8 (W / m) / K
Boiling point: 2100 ° C


Manganese is obtained by reduction with aluminum or in a blast furnace. Pure manganese is a hard, brittle, silver-colored metal that occurs in three polymorphic forms (alpha, beta and gamma). Its crystal structure is very complex. Manganese is similar to iron in that it is moderately reactive and breaks down in cold, non-oxidizing, dilute acid. When manganese is exposed to air, an extremely solid oxide layer forms on it, which is relatively difficult to remove.


Manganese forms the most varied of alloys with almost all metals;

Iron and manganese are completely soluble, that is, they form solid solutions with any element ratio and uniform properties. In this case the alloy has a much lower boiling point than manganese;

Alloys of the element with carbon and silicon are of the greatest practical importance. Both alloys are of great importance for the steel industry; Numerous and varied manganese compounds are used in the chemical, textile and glass industries, in the manufacture of fertilizers, etc. The basis of this diversity is the chemical activity of the substance.

Areas of application:

  • chemistry
  • food industry
  • Steelmaking


Datasheet (German)
Metalle Seltene, Manganese, Manganese Lump

Data sheet

Atomic number
min. 95%
Mn - min. 95; C - max. 0.2; Si - max. 1.8; S - max. 0.05; P - max. 0.07
operation area
Erzeugung von verschleißfestem Stahl; als Legierungszusatz und Desoxidationsmittel; als Ersatz für Nickel bei der Erzeugung von rostfreien Stahlsorten
7.43 g/cm³
Melting point
1246 °C
Thermal conductivity
7,8 W/(m · K)

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