Nickel wire 99.6% pure wire Ni200 dia 0.14mm inch heating wire Nickel 1-200 Met
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Nickel wire 99.6% pure wire Ni200 dia 0.14mm inch heating wire Nickel 1-200 Met

Nickel wire 99.6% pure wire Ni200 dia 0.1-5mm inch Heating wire Nickel 1-500 Met

£3.74 Tax included

£3.74 Tax excluded

  • 100% no China imports (watch out for high price differences)
  • Our products are mostly made in Germany
  • High quality at the best prices.
  • TOP rating & service

ATTENTION! The wire is shipped either on another spool or wound in a roll. If you would like a reel, please contact us - we will send the wire on reel for an additional charge. The photo shows spools with 2-3 kg of wire.

Technical specifications:

Brand: Evek
Manufacturing Country And Region: Germany
Manufacturer number: Not applicable
Type: wire
Material: nickel
Operation area: Nickel 200
Standard classifications:
Material number: 2.4066
DIN: 17740
US: N02200
ISO: 6208
Further information:
Melting point: 1446 ° C
Analogous: Nickel 201
Thermal conductivity: 70.2 W / m • ° C
Electrical resistance: 9.6 μΩ • cm
Density: 8.89 g / cm³


The wires offered here meet the highest quality standards (industrial quality) and are used in industrial and craft businesses. Further important information and application notes can be found in the data sheet provided by us, which you can call up in the picture gallery.

Nickel 200 is technically pure and has good mechanical properties as well as excellent corrosion resistance to alkalis, such as. B. sodium hydroxide. It also has good electrical, thermal and magnetostrictive properties, Ni200 alloys have excellent mechanical properties that do not decrease in negative and high temperature conditions and do not form in various corrosive environments (including alkaline and weakly acidic halogens and organic compounds) can. It has good thermal, electrical and magnetostrictive properties.

Areas of application:

  • nickel
  • Railing construction
  • food industry
  • Beverage industry
  • chemistry


Datasheet (German)

d - outside diameter

Evek GmbH
Nickeldraht Ni200 99.6%
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