ot4-1 sheet metal from 2mm to 8mm plate 1000x2000mm ot4 GOST steel
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ot4-1 sheet metal from 2mm to 8mm plate 1000x2000mm ot4 GOST steel

ot4-1 sheet metal from 2mm to 8mm plate 1000x2000mm ot4 GOST steel

£1,876.06 Tax included

£1,876.06 Tax excluded

Available in thicknesses from 0.5 mm to 20 mm and in various sizes. For the width and length of a sheet metal blank, the tolerance is +/- 2mm.

If you have not found the product you are looking for, please contact us directly. We would be happy to make you an offer on request.

Do you need other steel quality or dimensions? Please write to us. Our sales team makes an offer from stock program or delivery program :)

  • Product on request.
  • Production time - 1 month.
  • Shipping preparation - 2-3 working days.
  • Delivery time - depending on the parcel service. Please look at the FAQ.

ot4-1 is a wrought titanium-aluminum-manganese alloy. The material designation ot4-1 means:

  • OT - experimental titanium;
  • 4-1 - experiment number.

The wrought alloy consists of approx. 93-98% titanium, approx. 1-2.5% aluminum and approx. 0.7-2% manganese. It can be easily processed by cold and hot forming. The material is also characterized by excellent weldability with all common welding processes and good corrosion resistance. However, ot4 has a rather low strength and tends to become hydrogen embrittled.

ot4-1 is offered at Evek GmbH at a good price. Our products are characterized by their high quality. You buy GOST steels safely and reliably.

In the annealed state, ot4 is mainly used in aircraft construction for the production of supporting structures. It is also used in the production of thin-walled, difficult-to-shape parts that are operated over a long period of time at temperatures of 300 ° С (max. 30000 operating hours) up to 350 ° С (max. 2000 operating hours).

ot4-1 has the following characteristics:

  • good cold and hot formability;
  • excellent weldability;
  • good corrosion resistance;
  • quite low strength;
  • tends to hydrogen embrittlement.

ot4 is available in the Evek GmbH online shop. As a reliable supplier of GOST steels, we deliver uncomplicated and safe. Contact us!

Evek GmbH
operation area
Aircraft construction (structure); thin-walled, difficult-to-shape parts in the operating temperature range from 300 ° С (max. 30,000 operating hours) to 350 ° С (max.
4.55 g / cm³
well suited
tensile strenght
590 MPa
Elongation at break
Brinell hardness
255 HB
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