Copper sheet 1.5mm-3mm plates Cu sheet thin sheet selectable 100mm to 1000mm
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Copper sheet 1.5mm-3mm plates Cu sheet thin sheet selectable 100mm to 1000mm

Copper sheet 0.5mm-1mm plates Cu sheet thin sheet selectable 100mm to 1000mm

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Technical specifications:

Brand: Evek
Manufacturer number: Not applicable
Type: sheet
Material: copper
Operation area: Manufacture of gutters and downspouts; Ceilings of roof surfaces;
Production of roof drainage; Manufacture of copper vessels
Standard classifications:
Brand: AMF
Further information:
Density: 8.92 g / cm³
Thermal conductivity: 401 W / m K
Electrical resistance: 0.0171 Ω mm² / m


Sheet copper is made from pure copper. The production of copper sheet is done by rolling. Copper is valued for its excellent durability (over 200 years) and excellent properties. This metal has high electrical conductivity and high thermal conductivity. It shows good resistance to corrosion and is not attacked by hydrochloric acid and alkaline solutions. Copper is well alloyed with many metals. The most important copper alloys are brass (with zinc), bronze (with tin) and nickel silver (with zinc and nickel).

Made-to-measure copper sheet is easy to process. It can be polished, cut, and forged. Among other things, copper has good formability and toughness. The sheet metal made of copper is used in various areas of life. Copper sheet is used:

  • in the manufacture of gutters and downspouts;
  • when covering roof areas;
  • in the production of roof drainage;
  • in the manufacture of copper vessels.

Typical properties of copper sheets are:

  • excellent longevity (over 200 years);
  • high electrical conductivity and high thermal conductivity;
  • good resistance to corrosion;
  • not susceptible to hydrochloric acid and alkalis;
  • can be used as an alloy additive.


Datasheet (German)
Evek GmbH
Kupfer Blech
R240 / F25 (semi-hard)
operation area
Electrical engineering and electronics; Heat exchanger; Connection terminals; Cables and wires; Windings of all kinds; Electrodes
Material number
8.93 g / cm³
Melting point
1083 ° C
Thermal conductivity
394 W / m K
Electrical resistance
0.018 Ω mm² / m
Electrical conductivity
57 m / Ω • mm²
tensile strenght
240-300 N / mm²
smooth (may contain handling or storage tags)
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