Nitinol wire Superelastic 0.1-1.5mm NiTiNol wire 1-100 meter Nitinol
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Nitinol wire Superelastic 0.1-1.5mm NiTiNol wire 1-100 meter Nitinol

Features: good corrosion resistance; shape memory effect; superelastic; excellent flexibility; good biomechanical properties; difficult to weld;

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Nitinol is a nickel-titanium alloy. This alloy is known for its unique superelastic and shape memory properties - the ability to remember and resume a specific shape after deformation at a given temperature.

There are two main types of nitinol: superelastic and shape memory, which are determined by the transformation temperature. Superelastic nitinol is cooler and shape memory nitinol is warmer. But regardless of the category, the same superelastic effect and shape memory effect occurs in both.

Nitinol Af temperature 65°C.

Superelastic Nitinol

The phase transformation of superelastic Nitinol in environments that are 10°C ±5°C or like body (37°C) or room temperature makes these cooler grades more often suitable in medical devices or other lower temperature applications.

Shape memory Nitinol

Categorized as warmer nitinol grades, shape memory is more suitable for use in high-temperature industrial applications.

Shape memory is not limited to use in industrial applications. Certain fields often utilize phase transformation at body temperature (37°C), making shape memory Nitinol useful for medical devices as well.

0.1mm - polished silver

0.2 mm - polished silver

0.3 mm - polished silver

0.4 mm - polished silver

0.5 mm - black

0.6 mm - black

0.8 mm - polished silver

1.0 mm - polished silver

1.2 mm - polished silver

1.5 mm - polished silver


Tolerance ± 0.01mm

Evek GmbH
6.45 g/cm³
Melting point
1310 ° C
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